Radical Methods: Introduction

This will be a space dedicated to revolutionary thinking across poetics, anthropology, sociology, global theory, finance studies, and history.

The first entry highlights Bolivian sociologist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui’s work.



from the Political Manifesto of The Confederated Union of Peasant Workers of Bolivia [CSUTCB] (1983):

“…we have seen new forms of capitalist exploitation added to the colonial system. Our history has taught us to identify and differentiate these two forms of exploitation and oppression. Workers, peasants and other sectors identify in our struggle against colonial oppression because we share common cultural roots and because we share the common aim of eradicating forever all forms of racial discrimination and of exile from our own land. Along with our brothers the workers we struggle against capitalist exploitation, seeking a society in which there are neither exploited nor exploiters. We reject the reduction of the whole of our history to one single factor, either a class struggle or an ethnic struggle. It is in the practice of both these dimensions that we recognize our unity with the workers and also our own, distinct personality.” (201)


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